10 valuable advices that can make the trip easier

29 Jun

If you travel abroad we will give you 10 valuable advices that can make the trip easier:


1. Make sure to have  all your personal documents in order: unexpired passport and visa in case the destination country requires.


2. Read the information brochures and notifications (and especially public announcements or warnings for travelers on health and other important issues) of the consulates or embassies of the countries you plan to visit.


3. It is very convenient to familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries that you are traveling. Remember that the freedoms and rights of the constitution of your country are not always applicable in the countries that you are traveling. You are required to respect the laws of the countries that you visits abroad.


4. Make two copies of the identification page of your passport. This will facilitate replacement  if your passport is stolen or is lost. Leave one copy at home with friends or family with who you can easily connect from abroad. Take the other one with you and keep it  separately from your passport.


5. Leave a copy of your travel route with your family or friends in order they can easily contact with you in case of an emergency.


6. Permanently take care of your luggage. Not left alone or unattended in public areas (airports, hotel lobby …). Do not accept packages from strangers.


7. Ask information of embassies and consulates of your country in foreign countries where you want  to travel. Postal addresses and telephone numbers are very useful in case of  any problem.


8. Try don’t call attention in countries, cities or areas in which you don’t have enough information. Avoid these situations, don’t  take expensive  clothes or expensive jewelry, and don’t take excessive amounts of money or credit cards. In case of to have them keep them in different places.


9. To avoid any problem with local laws always ask only authorized agents when you are changing currency or making any purchase of art or antiques.


10. If you have any problem, immediately contact with your nearest embassy.



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