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Christmas and New Year in London

new year in london

London is very nice city without any doubt, but  in Christmas and New year still gets nicer. The truth is that the British capital has much to offer to people of all ages and for any time of year, but at Christmas time there are still more.  A perfect place to enjoy London with kids is Winter Wonderland. This is a German-inspired Christmas market located in Hyde Park, one of London’s major parks. Obviously we can not leave out the Christmas lights because London is one of the most spectacular cities. Especially recommended are the lights and Christmas decorations in Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Bond Street and Covent Garden.

Finally, when arrive the night of December 31 and are ready to welcome the New Year, we recommend you go to the shore of the Thames.  At midnight a great set of lights and fireworks light up the London sky to welcome the New Year. The best places to see them are area Westminster until the London Eye. Of course, there will be music and various shows during the previous hours.


Christmas and New Year in Paris

new year in paris

In Paris they do things a little different in end of year. No big fireworks at midnight in Champs de Mars, however, the Eiffel Tower have a spectacular lighting that starts at midnight.

The Parisians, like New Yorkers and Londoners, enjoy a great celebration in the streets on New Year. The people bring their own champagne and a picnic basket to Champs de Mars to celebrate the start of the new year with friends and family. Near to Champs de Mars, Champs Elysees are also a great place to celebrate the end of the year. People gather at the famous shopping street around 21:00 pm, December 31, and also bring bottles of champagne to celebrate. They fire small fireworks throughout the city that can be seen from the Champs Elysees. If you want a really good view, the square of the Sacred Heart is also a great option. On the steps of the great church can have a panoramic view of Paris and fireworks light up the sky.


Christmas and New Year in Rome

new year in rome

Rome is an ideal place to visit at Christmas and New Year. It is a magical city throughout the year but when the holidays come around, it transforms and takes another light, another dynamic becomes an even more captivating metropolis. Ideal site for practitioners of the faith, for belief is vivid in every remote corner of the city, meet or return to Rome in “Natale” (Christmas in Italian) is a unique experience. It should be noted that at this time of year some monuments may be closed to the public.

The largest gathering event is, without question, the Midnight Mass presided by the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica at night on day 24. At Mass, the Holy Father consecrates the bread and wine presenting front the crowd the Baby Jesus. On the 25th at noon, the Holy Father addressing the faithful from all over the world with his blessing Urbi et Orbi in several languages​​.


Christmas and New Year in Madrid

new year in madrid

If will be in Madrid where you will celebrate end of the year and welcome the New Year, we recommend you go to the square “Puerta del Sol” on the night of December 30 as well, since the chimes are made in advance, it is a test of how will be on 31st. As you see it is a great plan because you can enjoy two consecutive nights and live two end of Year (Nochevieja-spanish) is a quite luck, so take it.

This custom has emerged in recent years and is gaining more and more followers, so much so that Tourism of Madrid collects it on its website and includes it in the Christmas program of the city. Everything works just like the night of 31 even security  as it is a trial.

For these two nights you need some basic things that you can not forget when you go to the Puerta del Sol. The most important are the grapes, because if you do not take the 12 corresponding the desire that you asking will not comply. You must also bring a bottle of champagne to toast for the New Year after to eat the grapes and that all goes well during the New Year.


As you can see, a family vacation in these cities to welcome the New Year can be the perfect plan, and from our side we give you 10% of additional discount in hotels of these four cities until 13/01/2013, use the following codes for each destination to apply the discount.

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